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Resources for School Improvement

NATIVE Star information for the coming 2013-2014 school year is available here.

G&T Documentation is available here for blank G&T ISEP Forms.

TED: Ideas Worth Spreading is a collection of some of the best speakers and their best presentations meant to teach and inspire and inform. Our Common Core presenter referred to Dan Meyer's math speech on this site which you can view and share here.

State School Environmental Health Guidelines - DRAFT as done through the EPA, is asking for our input on other health issues that might be affecting our students. Please review and recommend changes if anything comes to mind.

Annual Report Site To login, you have to have VPN access, then enter bie\firstname.lastname and the password is your BIE login password. If you have any questions, contact Kirsten.

NWEA Spring Roll-Up for the Minneapolis ELO includes RIT score analysis and other data in a presentation by the ELO.

Menominee's Road to Success! is a slideshare presentation about Menominee's status and goals for the coming years

Common Core is the state's standards initiative that is being widely adapted and applauded by schools nationwide.

Learning to Achieve A review of the research literature on employment experiences and outcomes for youth and adults with learning disabilities.

Let's Move! Indian Country and Let's Move! First Lady's Initiative are resources for creating healthy environments to promote active lifestyles and nutritional eating habits for children in our schools.

Center on Innovation and Improvement or CII has the resources to help get on a path to better schools.

Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA)is a data-based reserach tool that schools can utilize to look at what they are doing currently with their data and how to use that to shape better teaching methods for future classes.

NATIVE Staris a program that tracks the schools' progress through subjective indicators and coaches offer feedback to improving and helping scools to maximize their potential within the parameters of the indicators. It is a great tool for planning and adjusting how schools teach.

NASIS is a data-driven tool that helps schools better utilize their statistical information and access it in one central place.

ADD East is the regional office above ours that manages a large geographic region of BIE schools to include those under the Minneapolis ELO.

EMS SharePoint Site is a collaborative site to input and share Environmental Management progress at your schools.

Resources for Teachers

Financial Literacy Websites are places for students to learn how to responsibly manage their money from a young age. We recommend some of the following sites: Banking on our Future, Jump Start, Smart About Money, and Federal Reserve Education.

Teachers Pay Teachers is an open market for educators where teachers can buy, sell, and share original teaching ideas.

Stop Bullying is a new site with resources, webisodes, strategies, and other information for parents, teachers, and students to stop bullying and create a more inclusive school culture.

Scholastic Stacks offers great book suggestions for readers of all ages for both the classroom and in their spare time.

Thinkfinity offers thousands of free lesson plans and ideas and includes content collaborations with National Geographic, Smithsonian, Wonderopolis and other credible and expansive groups.

TeacherTube is like YouTube but it only contains educational, safe video content uploaded and used by teachers around the world.

It's Not All Flowers is a blog by a highly motivated teacher who can empathize with the roadblocks and rainy days that try to hold back her enthusiasm. Teachers who rock will appreciate the honesty and be inspired to keep on going!

BIE Summer Institute Presentations

PPT Presentations
  • Michelle Shearer
  • Gerrita Postlewait
  • Denise Juneau

  • Video Presentations
  • Ann Bullock
  • Chris West
  • Denise Juneau
  • Gerrita Postlewait
  • Jeff Olson
  • Kevin Discepolo
  • Michelle Shearer
  • Quinton Roman Nose
  • Roxana Witter
  • Sam McCracken
  • William Mendoza
  • Teacher of Distinction
  • Partners In Action Presentations

  • AYP Waiver
  • Minneapolis ELO Cooperative Agreement Unit (CAU)
  • Common Core Standards
  • Safe & Secure Environments within BIE Schools