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The Minneapolis ELO Mission Statement
We work to provide opportunities for academic success in schools within the Midwest Region of the Bureau of Indian Education. Our purpose is to engage schools holistically and promote a safe environment. We encourage schools to embrace the principle that all children have unlimited potential. Our time and research is dedicated to improving the standards of cultural education, building professional learning communities with a respect for all people, and preparing new generations of college-bound and career-ready students for the future.


Please utilize the following information to complete your ISEP requirements by October 30.


Important Information for Administrators

Special Education

For this section, please complete THIS form with a complete inventory of your SPED files. All file reviews will be done when Everett returns.

Certification of Indian Blood

Send a list of all new students that require ISEP approval. Then send one of the following for each student:
1) Enrollment form with student's name
2) Blood quantum form with student's name.
3) A birth certificate with parents' names and blood quantum/enrollment forms for BOTH parents or for one parent of at least 50% quantum.

These are the best ways to approve ISEP status, any other possibilities can be considered and will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Attendance Record

Send your NASIS print out of attendace for all students the following dates ONLY:

September 12, 2013
September 25, 2013


Transportation mileage needs to be entered in WebET at for the week of September 25 - 27. Sign the last page of the report print out and send to Susan or fax to 952-851-5439 for us to sign and approve in the ISEP system.

Language Development

Complete THIS form with numbers of students in each catergory. Send back to our office when complete.

Background Checks

Complete THIS form for all NEW teachers or school staff. Since we are unable to visually review records this year, please complete the checklist on your own and include a narrative of your standard hiring process (do you do former employer check, what background checks do you run, etc.).

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